I'm Back - webwise, I guess....

I think I've annoyed every DegeLegg.com webmaster I've ever had
With my profound disinterest
In my own website stuff.
So...it happens. Yep.
All of them have done great work.
I salute them. And thank them kindly.
But yeah...
I get sick of talking about myself
And they get sick of me, getting sick of talking
About myself.
So they kind of drift away.
Meanwhile the DegeLegg.com site
Sits out there in cyber space, frozen in 2005
Just doing it's frozen in time thing.
Holding pattern.
I'll get it to it.
Got figure out how to tweak the innards.
In the meantime,
Since myspace is now completely useless,
Bloated and cumbersome...
I'm going to use this blog to keep people
updated on my shit:
Like slide-Dobro stuff, writing crap,
Santeria, Black Bayou Construkt,
And whatever else I feel like riffing on.
I'll try to be consistent.
I go off the radar
And space out on occasion
But that's just kind of par for the course.

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