Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch/After the Catch relicenses "Hard Row to Hoe"

The Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch
Has re-licensed Brother Dege's "Hard Row to Hoe"
As the theme song to the 2011 season of After the Catch.
"It's  become our (in-house) theme song," says Tim Mann,
Co-producer of Deadliest Catch. 
After the Catch is a post-season spinoff of Deadliest Catch.
One of the highest rated shows on cable TV,
Deadliest Catch & After the Catch raked in record viewers
During the 2010 season, which included the passing of
Captain Phil Harris.
Filmed in New Orleans in the wake of the BP oil spill,
Last year's After the Catch series was filmed in New Orleans.
This year's episodes will be filmed in Hawaii.
The mini-series will air over the summer of 2011. 

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