The one & only Elron Zatan aka Ron Viatar

(above) "Elron Zatan" aka Ron Viator, Lafayette, LA, 2001

Pictured above is the legendary Ron Viatar
He served as the timeless inspiration behind 
The character "Elron Zatan" in my book
A 200-page fiction novel
That I wrote/published in 2000.
I wrote the thing more as a creative exercise-joke
Than a "serious debut novel." 
The thing hasn't aged too badly over the years.
Sure it's sick.
It's absurd.
It's filthy. 
But it's not a boring read. 
It's grade-A john-reading.
Elron (aka Ron Viatar in real life) was a wellspring of inspiration.
Mostly because he lived and laughed it hard.
Between 1998-2002, Elron/Ron lived on/off
At the Santeria band house. 
Born & raised in Crowley, LA,
He was responsible for many of the odd traditions
That came to characterize the house,
Including screaming at random, 
Sipping TallCans,
Drinking homemade wine,
Driving cars in which a wheel would fall off,
Drunken BBQing.
He was, and is, truly one of a kind.
When they made Elron,
They flushed the mold.
If interested in buying a copy of 
The Battle Hymn of the Good Ol'Hillbilly Zatan Boys
Click HERE.
It's only $12
About the cost of two Tallcan 6-packs of beer.

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