(((Brother Dege: HAARP Feedback Aurora Sound Installation))) at ArtWalk

Bring your Orgone Generators, Tesla Coils, & Chemtrail Cloudbusters!
Recycled Cycles hosts: Brother Dege live-audio sound Art Installation
= ((((((HAARP Feedback Aurora set )))))))
For ArtWalk
Taking the Dobro where no man has gone before. i.e. "Dobronaut."
Yeah, man!
This is gonna be like a Pig-calling contest meets astral-projection retreat.

The experience includes:
Feedback. loops,
Remote viewing,
Love/Positivity concentration,
Negative energy deflection,
Psychic gymnastics,
Random summoning.
All of it thrust through an tube-amplified Slide-guitar / Dobro extravaganza!
Charismatic hijinks encouraged.
ArtWalk (Lafayette, La)
at Recycled Cycles
7 - 8 p.m.
Cum feel the noise.
(free balloons!)

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