Inked in the Clink Prison Tattoo Article - in this week's Gambit Weekly

Dege Legg's article on Angola prison tattoo culture
Runs in the July 12, 2011 issue of New Orleans' Gambit Weekly.

From its origins as decorative body modification in various ancient cultures, tattooing has gone mainstream in America during the last generation. Its detail-oriented evolution as art exemplified by modern tattoo artists like Guy Aitchison, Nikko Hurtado, Paul Booth and others — is equally matched by the gaudy overdrive of popular culture and its take on the form, manifest in prepackaged apostasy and the theatrical bravado of prefab tats, tramp stamps and tribal tattoos. Walk through any Walmart and you'll see a slovenly parade of assorted inked badges on people — festooned swag signifying trivial gains, unbroken loyalties, panoramas of mulleted heroics and an assortment of other postmortem Americana — all of it peppered across the arms, necks and legs of moms, dads, dudes, chicks and ghostly strangers as well as spendthrift trustafarians rocking $2,000 sleeves while gumming on the teat of outsider culture...

Read the entire article HERE.

The same article also ran in The Independent Weekly in Lafayette, HERE.

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