Lo-fi epic Trailerville now available on iTunes

Recorded in 2004 and initially released on CDR. Completely improvised and recorded in a southern Louisiana trailer park over the course of three days, Trailerville is the instrumental soundtrack to a non-existent film. Functioning like the counterpoint to Ry Cooder's Paris, Texas soundtrack, this 12-track, low-fi album is saturated with haunted ambiance and Deep South melancholia. Loaded with slide and electric guitar "sound-scapes," Trailerville captures the cinematic essence and meditative rural surrealism of the backwoods, mooing cows, summer storms, wind-ravaged scarecrows, and midnight choruses of cicadas.

1. Welcome to Trailerville
2. Perchance to Dream
3. Auto-Erotic Fatalities with Power Hydraulics
4. Eating the Sacred Cow
5. Rainy Day Sleep Thru
6. Conquistadors of the Ouija Board
7. Elegy for a Dead Star
8. Time-Share Lots in a Hellhole
9. Still Life by Numbers
10. Dudes in the Wind
11. Isolation Drills
12. Bad Meditation Music

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