Bro-Dege slide-demo version of "Powerline" by Husker Du

"Powerline" (Husker Du) by Brother Dege.
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Slide version/demo of "Powerline" (Husker Du) by Brother Dege

Much in the same way old Delta slide players - Son House, Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, etc - covered, stole, and mutated each other's songs, I thought it would be a cool idea to do the same and "slider-ize" more modern tunes in a lo-fi, under produced setting. This includes the ancient practice of "mishearing" lyrics and changing them to suit your own feel - that goes for chord interpretations as well. All songs are organic compositions that go through many mutations over the years as they are learned and played by others. I'm a huge fan of Husker Du and 80s hardcore in general. This is my little slide version of "Powerline" from Husker's New Day Rising album.

I'm going to try to record one of these slide-demo cover versions a month until the next Brother Dege record is released and give free mp3s of them away.

Here is a link to the original "Powerline" on Husker's New Day Rising album.
"Powerline" by Husker Du

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