Beginners Guide to "Too Old to Die Young" Videos

Abandoned house near Cypremort Point, LA

Too Old to Die Young in an Abandoned House
This is the little video that started it all.
First one.
Filmed in 2008 in an abandoned house
In southern Louisiana
near Cypremort Point.
We filmed it about two days after I wrote the song.
We just stopped and shot the video on a whim
while coming back from Cypremort Point.
Passed the abandoned house.
Pulled over.
Shot it.
The acoustics in this old room were amazing.
Guess it's the old wood.
I've had numerous people say I should've
recorded the Folk Songs of the American Longhair
in this house, becaue the room sounds so good.
At the time we shot this,
I hadn't completely fleshed out the chorus
So the words are wrong
But the all the riffs are there, 
Which is the main thing.
Was still trying to learn how to play them.
Got to have riffs.
No riffs = no jam.
this one and the "Girl Who Wept Stones" video
Same day. Both came out pretty good
And garnered a ton of views on YouTube
Even before the Django Unchained stuff hit.
Shot on an mid-2000's era digital camera with a video option.
Both videos are grainy
But have a ton of vibe, 
which is more important to me than
perfect lighting, sound, or whatever.
She had a real talent for shooting
these videos.
Check her photography skills on her
FB page: NaturalOne Photography.
She also shot the videos for:
"Operation: Have You Never Been Mellow"
"Yinning on a Yang"
"Too Fill a Hole"
"Dead & Gone"
"Star Spangled Banner / Slide-Style"
That's a pretty damn good run.

Too Old to Die Young in a Jpeg
I don't know who uploaded this
But the thing has gotten 62,000+ views 
In only a month. 
It's the song and a jpeg from the movie
Django Unchained.
Think it's averaging about 2,000+ views a day.
Pretty interesting comments.

Too Old to Die Young in Holland
This was shot 11.4.11 in Rossum, Holland
at a place called Morrison's Pub.
Cool people and cool place that serves
the "world's oldest or greatest beer,"
I can't remember which.
I had one right before I played my set
It was a pretty damn good beer.
Here's to the Dutch. 
My buddy Theo, who also booked this tour, 
filmed this. Good Guy. 
The inside of Morrison's Pub
looks exactly like what you'd imagine
an old Dutch pub in the country side 
would look like. 
Lot of carved wood, low lighting, 
and drunk Dutch folk hanging out.
The pub had a small P.A. that kept 
feeding back at random moments in the set.
As you can see at the end of the song, 
shit is whistling feeding back and I have no idea
if it's my gear or the P.A.
Fuck it, keep it moving. 

Too Old to Die Young in a Motel Room
This was shot by Construct Films 
in low-rent motel room located in the Four-Corners section
of Lafayette, LA. It's an area well known for 
prostitution, drug use, crime, and other stuff.
Every city has a section of town like this. 
Our's is no different. 
Strange thing is, I actually live in this motel
for about 7 months way back in 2003.
We put a call out to Lafayette locals to show up
at the motel. A wide and varied gang of about 35 people
showed up. Lot of my good buddies,
a really interesting mix, including
my friends Howie Wells
Ricky Williams, who was the first bass player 
and a founding member of Santeria. He's the guy in
in the bandanna and one of craziest MFers
I've ever met.
And last but not least, the legendary 
Elron Viatar, who was the inspiration for the
main character in my book,
You can glimpse his smiling mug 1:27. He's the old grey haired guy 
in the middle of the crowd.
He's was on the most insane and inspiring MFers
I've ever met.
Just a big hearted, good old boy 
that's done a lot of crazy shit over the years.
One of  my dreams is to sit down with Elron and shoot 
a video of him telling stories
about when he lived with us in the old Santeria band house.
This Motel Video was supposed to be live audio,
But the live audio recording came out crappy, 
because we had too much action going on in the room,
which is a good problem to have, 
the mic placement was too far away
and it all ended up sounding muffled
so they flew the studio track in there
and Frankenstiened them together.
Brian C Miller Richard & Natalie Kingston
from Construct Films are some badasses
who also did an amazing job of shooting 

Too Old to Die Young in a Mash-Up
This mash up of Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild"
and my "Too Old to Die Young" was done
by a guy in France 
named Fissunix.
I never could've predicted that.
But I like it. 
It kind of jams.

Too Old to Die Young in a Cover
This a good'ole boy named Brendan Hopkins
from Oklahoma or Missouri.
Can remember which.
Hell ya, Okies are down.
The interesting thing about this video is the fact that
these guys covered the song and uploaded their video
to YouTube
BEFORE I had even put out
the Folk Songs of the American Longhair album.
So these dudes were ahead of the curve
and simply learned the song
from listening & watching me play it
in the abandoned house video above.
So it all goes full circle.
Everything in circles.
Just like the motel.
Life is a trip like that.