Complete Lyrics to Dege Legg's Bastard's Blues Album

Bastard's Blues
Lyrics & Music: Dege Legg

Come down, slow momma
Your son still needs you, now
Come down, sister

They'll send me away from here
Raised to pull on a snake chain
At the age of 12, I went astray
When I's twenty-two, they say I killed a man
And today they say I'm going to hang

Come down, Strange Jesus
The jailer won't hear you now
Come down, Virgin Mother
Let me touch your hair.

White girls in tight pants
Drive the devil insane
So it's said by the hicks that haunt
Old Mowata wells at dawn
Speed queens from skin magazines
Behind Crowley's Bar
Church girls just a year ago
Now their God's so far away from here

All the saints have gone down
And still Paw's trying to plant his cross
On The Flatlands of Ascension

The Preacher smokes bugs to walk on water
Fly from the top of the tower
He takes little girls to a place where
They can hallucinate for miles and miles
Where the blood's cursed with incest
We hear the virgins howl
And the halos of the tempted
Are littered with flies
That fall right where
All the saints have all gone down

Some say the land is haunted
Nothing seems to grow
'Neath the spirits that ride the wires
Scaffoldings that fork the sky
Bones of the chain gangs
Pulpit and the plow
Angels with strange wings
That scatter a powder over the fields
Where the saints have all gone down

The Devil's calling
We whisper back
Over the AM Radio
Static cracks
As heroin drips from the moon
And down my arm
They say that Jesus
He’s coming back
Maybe in a spaceship
With a flame shooting out the back
Chasing all the pill-popping
Wife-swapping, hillbilly Zatan boys
I let the strangeness draw me in
Down the clap of the train tracks
The rush beneath cold skin
As the candles blur
Then slide away from me
Sleep in the barbed wire
Bathe in the bad blood
Pulling wires out the sun
Let the yellow rain crash down
As the Snakes of Triage stretch
Like arms around me

Hwy 190 runs straight thru my house
The trucks roll it in
The man moves it out
Short on kicks, but I got my doubts
As your eyes are lashed with the hair of the rain

They say Lucinda's on the rebound--it ain't too late
For this Deadtown
Where we're stuck and drug down the middle
It's hard to leave
Yet so easy to turn away from
When you got nothing
And I've got nothing for you

On the outskirts of lunacy
The bachelors court the Flower Ladies
Giving them things they just throw away
You can bathe with the lepers on the boulevard hovels
You can pray to a saint when you think you're in trouble
They say Lucinda's on the rebound, it ain't too late

Bring me all the secrets you keep
Show me all the money you're going to make
Tell me the moral to your story

Wild truckers
Hooked on speed
Careening down the Interstate
Looking for the bikini girls
Mothers, daughters/Fathers, sons of the rich boys
Cruising in their convertible choppers
Heading for the west coast
Where movie stars sip
Rotgut wine from porcelain,
Chandelier apparati
Shaking down Searcy
Flagging down mercy
As 1000 wads of cum swirl thru
The sewer drains of Los Angeles
As the ice-cream trucks hobble
Thru the streets of Beirut
And the machinery roars all night long
To the excommunicated priests,
Doing crossword puzzles
In their lonely kitchens

You let them love you
You let them hold you down
You let them crawl beside you, baby

Some of them feed you
And others bleed you
Lord's above, the Devil below
Neither'll take me
I just want to sleep beside you, baby
And climb thru the ivy on you iron gates

Make me earn you
I deserve you
Just let me crawl beside you, baby
Little things haunt you
The circus clowns taunt you
But my hearts so cold you’ll never break it
Never need you
Never cling to you
I just want to sleep beside you, baby
And climb thru the ivy on your iron gates

Back behind the iron bell
Strangers come to scratch their names
Near a crease in the ceiling
Autumn fades them in a spell
Sands them down
But don't you want to meet them half-way?
Confusion breeds into the cells
Neuro-catacombs that fade away the memory
It may be too soon to tell
Where they've gone
But it might come back again
Someone tossed a pig into the well
A soldier came and left his hat on the steps before it
Back behind the iron bell
Where the signal fades
And then, the clock arms spin
And then propel us thru a mist
A whisper sleeps between the
Lonely gorge between hearts tangled in a shell
Wintering in the warmth of their quarantine
And my words tumbled and fell
Straight thru the cracks
I wished them back to me
Don't worry
You're lost as well
With nothing new to tell me
I'm laying down the to bridge the way
Truth for a truth
See if you can tell
I've scratched a message across my eyes
Come thread its meaning
Through the soul’s pitch
As sung in hell
As the wilting flowers turn grey
Isolation booths
Two to a cell
With coded knocks
And static caulked
Between the feeling
We'll speak in tongues thru a veil
And wonder if there's anyone listening
Ah, the emptiness, it suit you well
The more you see
The less you know
To say, in a way
Or so to speak
Speak to complicate
As the signal fades

We're going down to the Mardi Gras parade
We've got to sink New Orleans down
Beneath the cracks in our happy-sad faced masks
We can hammer them back
If you know how
To tear off the ribbons
Forget your flaws
Obliterate the moment, now
With the laughter pouring from your teary eyes

She says, "Dance with me, just this once, it's beautiful."
But soon it's a memory
When the boat horns blow and the day starts to break
She says, "Dance with me, no one will watch."
Our drinks are full but soon they'll be empty
When the Party's Over and the confetti all blows away
It all blows away

We're going down to the Mardi Gras parade
We've got to sink New Orleans
Down beneath the dead balloons
The rotten fires and the funeral fumes
We go down to waltz on water in the dirty river's arms
Where the light blurs and streets churn
And stranger's faces twist and bend

Lonesome child
Caged in heaven's arms
The plow blade cuts the bone row
say how's love feel?
How should I know?
in the arms of the scarecrow
Flesh to flesh and briar
And the thorned lips of your heart
The plow blade parts the cane row
When I touch do you feel?
How should I know?

The people are wicked and strange.
The skies turn Halloween orange
Shadows lurch, then chase
Little girls from their armored garden
Danger shrouded in mace
And the mirrors mock her in the morning
And fear is a friend she'll face
In her quiet apartment
She's going to masturbate as the sirens howl
Lock the door after a certain hour
Whenever she's in the mood

Sometimes she thinks she's cursed
But there's so much more to worry about
Here and now
When all your First Things can't come first
She's wondering if anyone even knows she's there

Put the cat out and kill the lights
Watch the evening blur
Part the shades and float outside
In this strange world
Of people and things to hide
Little secrets that we
Keep from strangers sometimes
In her quiet room

The moon is in the clouds
And the scarecrow's been taken down
You're listing like ghostly ship
Your head is screaming
the river's inching nearer
Yeh, the moon is in the clouds
And your love lays
Reaching down
All the sleepy children howl
Upon first hearing the new thunder pound
The dreams are in clouds, now
At least this house you've made of rain
Won't catch fire

(Bonus Tracks)

I got bullets for the man
but my pockets are busted
There's hands on my back
none to be trusted
Done dealing with all the fools
I didn't have nothing for
Their names and faces,
I might forget before I get there
You say you'll draw the line
Between the abuse and the abused
You say you'll draw the line
You going to use before you get used
Immunity, impunity, absolution, and more
I was looking to get redeemed
I put my money on the floor
The givers were giving to get
What the takers had promised in vain
And I got jumped in the middle
Grabbing at what little was left to gain
And let me tell you there wasn't much
Left untouched
By the hands the came around
But I got mine in full
And paid my dues
On the way out
I've seen too many
Too clueless
Like tourists in the night
They want to tell me their stories
Bought what they're money can buy
Got tweakers, toothless flimflam men
Slowing to a crawl
They want to taste each other's blood
And count one another's faults
There's so much mud on the crown
And stitches up the tracks
You took your good luck for granted
Now it ain't never coming back
Then I went looking for the company
Of a woman that was true
And I walked to the other side of town
To get shown a thing or two
They had killers on the sandman
Butchers to the right
Scarecrows on the trapeze
Taking the hangman for a ride
There was slaves being sold
And souls being bought
With tickets to the jailhouse with the klukluxkops
I had my wasted day packed into listless months
I was telling myself lies
And for a while it was feeling good
Cause there was no love lost
No blood in my veins
My delusions were larger than life
And twice as ugly
Twice as ugly
So I walked up to an old man
Asked him where was all the love
He said, "Boy, you alright,
You just ain't been lied to enough."
My old man was in the pen
My brother, running from the law
They was wanting to turn him in
Then they begged me to take the fall
But I wouldn't do it cause
I had some kind of other stuff to do
And their disguised kindness just
Made me numb to the abuse
Well, if the end if never comes
Sometimes too soon
Better late than never
To your own honeymoon
Cause they all want something for nothing
All at once or not at all
You've got your suspicions
In addition
To your doubts about the walls
My angel's slipping further
Away into the weeds
She got the cottonmouth alcohol
And a secret she can't keep
Sometimes she's smiling
Others laughing in my face
They all want something for nothing
Cause they've earned on the "street"
And I got so tired of moving and traveling on
Decided to get a motel
And sleep till the morning
But even in my dreams
I was plagued and I was haunted
By visions of the future
And a whole lotta evil coming
Should I beg?
Should I borrow?
To whom should I plead?
Will I be done with this mess?
Before this mess is down with me
Still I got bullets for the man
But my pockets
There's hands on my back
None to be trusted
I done walked round half the planet
Wore down my feet
Running from the loono's
They done learned to steal and cheat
Cause they want something for nothing
But it ain't nothing to you
You want a moral to the story
And a fairy tale to come true.


It's gonna away, the thrill has gone away
It's gonna stay

Here's my
Don't you touch my Zow-Zow
Get up and sit down, child
Don't you touch my Zow-Zow
I'm about to bombs Zow-Away
Right down to the Zow-Zow
Zow-Zow kick it
Sneaking up on the mainline
Trying to take my Zow-Zay
Killing time

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