Folk Songs of the American Longhair is No.2 at CDBaby.com

The little engine that could keeps on a'chug-chugging.
Hits the No. 2 slot for Best Selling album at CDBaby this month. 
Containing the song "Too Old to Die Young,"
Which was featured in the Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained,
The American Longhair album is going into its fifth pressing.

Even this simple YouTube upload of just a jpeg from Django Unchained
And the song "Too Old to Die Young" has garnered over a half-million views.

In addition, the official video for "Too Old to Die Young"
Made by Construct Films, in just two months has garnered
Over 100,000 views and been put into rotation at MTV Europe/Germany
As well as many other European media streaming services.

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