Complete Dege Legg Lyrics to Santeria's Apocalypse, Louisiana

Apocalypse, Louisiana (2000), Santeria

  1. Battle Hymn
  2. Hippie Death Cult Drum Jam
  3. High and Rising (live)
  4. Main Man (live)
  5. Cain’s Way (live)
  6. You Got What I Need (live)
  7. I Want You (live) (MC5)
  8. Deathtrip (practice space)
  9. Last Man Out of Babylon (4track)
  10. KRVS Interview
  11. Like I Dream (live @ KRVS)
  12. MorningFall (demo)
  13. Earth-Moving Machine Ballet Co. (improve w/spoken word)
  14. Bombay the Hard Way (4track demo)
  15. Paper Flowers
  16. Psychology Today (porch recording)
  17. The Shadow Tower

Lyrics: Dege Legg
Music: Santeria

Album is out of print and was initially printed on CDRs and sold at shows. 

Apocalypse, Louisiana (Live, Unreleased, & Desperate)
*Released in 2000: includes live tracks, unreleased
studio tracks, home recordings, field recordings,
a drum jam, studio improvs, spoken word, a Battle
Hymn excerpt, and more--all of it intended to function
as a scrap book of sorts.

Battle Hymn Intro (Book Excerpt)
          (Baby sounds) (Man Insane sounds) (dobro) This is a story about the Good'Ole Hillbilly Zatan Boys, born and hell raised in South Arkansas. (dobro slides sounds) They were wild and they had guns. Them old boys were itching to have one them thar Branch Davidian Freakouts. There wasn't much to do around the house but sit around, killing time, eating snake meat (rattlesnake sounds) while squatting around the fire...either that or sip straight White Jesus shine from a dirty cup, with your leg (car horn sound) propped up on a deadcar (sniffing dust sounds), so's your balls could spill out one side of the tattered cut-offs you ain't washed in 6 weeks (sound of man, saying "Right.". Yes, them were long nights...followed by days so mountain-pounding long you'd swear the sun had wires in it (background: Oh, man, you got to help me!)...what with the buzz and scrape of the insects hissing round the creeps, rotting on Buzzard's Bluff (cackling buzzards sounds).
          (Junkyard sounds) The family survived by selling stolen scrap metal back to the junkyard where Elron "Zixox" Zatan, patriarch of the Hillbilly Zatan Clan, crushed cars and collected a check every two weeks. (dobro sounds) He also made a little cash on the side, hocking a rotgut concoction sifted from out the still that  (steam and sniffing sounds) Grand Pappy Mutton had made back in 1936 old musket guts and junk he found laying around the yard. (out of tune harmonica sounds)
          But they were hard. Times was hard...but not harder that the smelly-greasy heads of the Good'Ole Hillbilly Zatan Boys (punch wall sounds). They stitched a wicked strangeness and rode the ghost of it out of the backwoods (sounds of man insane and babbling), mulching humping rotten stumps, pornfornicating on the darkness of the moist hills (sounds of man fucking tree stump), 
calibrating the bizzarre circus of dementia (sounds of lunatic man babbling in unknown langauge), lodged far back along the twisted

Hippie Death Cult Drum Jam (live)

 High & Rising  (live) (see House of the Dying Sun album lyrics)

Main Man (live) (Theme from "The Drifter") (see "Dying Sun" lyrics)

Cain's Way (live) (see House of the Dying Sun album lyrics)

You Got What I Need (live)
Like a jailhouse chump that's punked
And hung out there to dry
And you're wondering if I'm gonna
Ever make up my mind.

But I could be leaving town at day break
Maybe I'll be back another time.
If there ain't nothing here to save me,
Don't wanna live until I've died.
          When my last chance
          Has come and gone, I'll know that...

          You got what I need
          When I don't know what I want.

Yeh, your lips have been burned
Chasing clowns and painted smiles.
And you're hurdy-gurdy heart
It Ain't never satisfied.

I heard they're giving love away, now
Up in Happy Land, tonight.
Down here on Sweet 16th St. we're bleeding
With all the Long-Shot Valentines.
          Don't like you've never been desperate
          When I've been desperate for such a long time.

I got a pocket full of Jokers
Going way too fast
Women wanting babies and rings
But I'm broke.
A little bit of ass, that's what they want
And no one to tell them where to get off.

All the angels want a savior
When the Devil needs a bride.
You're taking candy off of strangers.
I'll be a stranger for you tonight.
          Don't act like you've never been desperate
          When I've been desperate for such a long time.

I Want You (cover: MC5)
Interlude: (improvised lyrics: Dege)
I cut off my little finger with her silverware.
Sold my...blood to the butcher,
Now her momma stares
At my scars, like tears, float in the reservior.

They chopped Miller's head
And they sawed-off his hands.
Then they sent him off
To the Promised Land.

I've heard some strange melodies
Pulled from the fire & flower.
From the fire and the flame.
From the flame in your whisper.
Whispered to a scream.

Like fire in a scream.
Like a flame in whisper.
Little baby whisper.
Like the fire and the flame.
Like a whisper to a scream.

Death Trip (live) (see: House of the Dying Sun)

Last Man Out of Babylon  (Dege 4-track)
Dreaming within a dream.
Falling even further.
Screaming into a scream.
The buckshot stars of sand
Fall upon my head.
No man or woman round
Gonna part me from the way.

          Because I'm the last man out of Babylon
          Swaying with the salt & stone.
          Just looking for a face.

Long the Pantomime Parade.
Sinking even further.
A world without a trace.
A mountain in a can.
Falls upon my head.
Ain't no nothing come around
Can save me from the end, because...
          I'm the last man out of Babylon
          Burning with the salt & stone
          And the pillars along the plane.
          I'm the last man out of Babylon
          Waltzing with the salt & stone
          Just a'trying to find the way.

Radio Interview (live on KRVS)

Like I Dream (live on KRVS)
Can you see Bombay
From here?
Can you dream like I dream
Under the guard towers of Eden?
Can you dream like I dream? (3x)

Can you swim the Dead Sea?
From here?
Can you see what I see?
Rome's oldest ghost walking the Kingdom.
Can you dream like I dream? (3x)

Like I dream
Like I dream
Like I dream

MorningFall (live) (see: House of the Dying Sun album)

The Earth-Moving Machine Ballet Company (studio improv w/spoken word)

Machines made into Towers,
Crushing the alien skulls to powder.
I'll drink to you from the hour glass,
Smashed on a flower.

Irons split on marble walls
Where brave men cower...

Cave dwellers putting fire to stones.
Fossilized digitally encoded bones.
Where all is seen
But not shown...
          to the virgin girls
          with funny secrets
          in the showers.

Hear the thunder rumble
Hear the thunder rumble
The mountain-side's gonna tumble.
A shoulder to the bluff, it crumbles
Like sand or glass shattered on a number.

900,000 A.D.
All evidence: destroyed

Higher life forms, handing out
Jester hats to the pallbearers.

Old World speeches
Crushed'neath granite feathers.

It's all just a mating call
For some future revolt.

Air raid sirens,
Howling out of unison.

Soliloquies of static roar.

I confess I've made the Eggman cry,
But his love wasn't as pure as mine

...thunder pooled in empty machines
...thunder pooled in empty machines
...thunder pooled in empty machines

It's a ballet of earth-moving machines.

A ballet of earth-moving machines
A ballet of earth-moving machines
Coming round the corner.

I hear them coming round the corner.

A valley of earth-moving machines.
A ballet of earth-moving machines.

Bombay the Hard Way (4track)
Lay your body down.
This prison is just a movie.

A cool moon's demise
Like fools and heresy.

When I leave for Bangladesh tonight,
You can crawl in here beside me.

Who knows what we'll find?
The guilt no longer haunts me


Old smoke and bones,
Haunting the cloaked pages
Of the Bible.
Ask Doyle, he knows.
Sweat and sin been dogging him for miles.

A gutted moan.
Some chisled stone.
A law that's been broke
Like bread
Between two lovers
In exile.

I saw my angel fall.
I picked her from the wrist.
Cleaned her dirty dress.
All the salt was stone
And pillared bone
          as we turned our gaze back
          to the fire...

Paper Flowers 
Lay your burdens down with mine,
We are cut from the same skin.
Here, all our faults are enshrined
Because there is nowhere left to run.

Lay your troubles down with mine,
Right off you broken shoulders.
Leave our failures far behind
Like little paper flowers on fire.

Lay your burdens down with me,
We have something to claim here.
Long ago we were in exile,
But I won't bow my head tonight.

The heirs of Philistines have lost their minds,
Only those fearful serve them.
Soon...their daughter's wombs will open wide
Like little paper flowers on fire.

Lay, yeah, lay
Down in the cross-hairs sights.

Lay, yeah, lay
Down in my arms tonight.

Psychology Today (porch jam)
 I got a schizophrenic momma
She takes me to the Circus-Zoo.
When I stare at the sun
She tells me to die
And get a Billy Ray Cyrus tattoo.

          Do you have an extra copy
          Of Psychology Today.
          I'm so confused.
          My schizophrenic momma,
          She ain't into shooting straight.
          No, she ain't into shooting straight.

Holographic projections
of mule intestines and psych-o-delic stains.
My schizophrenic momma shoots
The cockroach juice into her veins.

My schizophrenic momma wears a cowboy boot
And on the other foot a flip-flang shoe.
She spits at the sun, tells me die,
and get the.....(inaudible southern inflected madness)

          Do you know how much
          It costs to go to college?
          Do they take credit cards
          Or maybe....

          Rocket ships
          Into my mind
          I've been left behind
          More than once
          By my schizophrenic momma

          Oh, man, do you have an extra copy
          Of Psychology Today?
          I'm so confused,
          My schizophrenic momma,
          She ain't into shooting straight.

          Do you have an extra copy
          Of Psychology Today.
          If I had an issue,
          I might could solve
          Some of her schizophrenic puzzling ways.
          Yeh, If I had issue,
          I might could solve
          Some of her schizophrenic puzzling ways.
          Some of her schizophrenic puzzling ways.
          Some of her schizophrenic puzzling ways.

The Shadow Tower 

Cut off my little finger with her silverware.
Sold my blood to the butcher..now
Her momma stares at my scars
Like tears float in the reservior.
          Out where the scarecrows fast.
          And the fattened calf learns to starve.

They chopped Tiller's head
And sawed off his hands.
Sent him off to the Promised Land.
Is there a sane way Out
Twixt Fire and Flower?
          We poke through the rubble of dead dreams
          That litter the floors of The Shadow Tower.

Puppeteer pull my old strings,
Make them sing in the air.
There's old buzzards riding screams
Through holes cut in the stairs.
Even the honest men'll turn on you
Amidst the fallfog and showers.
I've seen some strange things
          Down in the dark halls
          Of The Shadow Tower.

Shackled in closets, hunched hind old screens,
Men spraying sperm on old magazines.
Like slave ships listing gently out to sea.
          Yes, the old lighthouse has been gutted,
          But The Shadow Tower looms ominously.

Sally crushed my soft lies and nickle tears.
Now I wash her feat with my dirty hair.
I've heard some pained melodies
Pulled from the Fire and Flower.
Come read our Suicide Notes
                and Love Letters
              written on the walls
             of the Shadow Tower.

I was locked down in the Looney Ward
In '93. Wailing with the madmen
In a chorus of screams.  Naked.
Prowling the rubber rooms in only sheets.
          We're just ghousts trueing an iron wheel
          Against the trunk of a Judas Tree.

Meaning's conversify* at their battered ends.
Trying to factor the paradox's hexed content,
As the ThreePennyOpera clangs and...
   grinds out the hour.
     and me and my brothers set fire
       to the walls and crooked gates
        of The Shadow Tower.

All lyrics
by Dege Legg Copyright 1998-2000
Publishing BMI

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