Ribs & Blues Review from Blues Magazine

Blues Magazine:
Text: Jeroen Bakker / Photos: Filip Heidinga and Markus Hagner, Markus Hagner Photography

Is a good thing because on the Delta stage has been BROTHER DEGE after some delay during the soundcheck still underway. We had heard somewhere that there would be a fire-breathing Dobro on stage and when Tarantino select your music in support of his latest movie here must surely be something going on. This fire-breathing Dobro is omitted but "Too Old To Die Young 'we heard live in the film Django Unchained some teeth violent than this soundtrack. Raw roots sounds in which the spirit of Blind Willy Johnson sounds but in which Sonic Youth seems to have been affected. Singer / guitarist Dege has quite some way from that diabolical Tom Araya from Slayer and occasionally he manages to just put down such a merciless guitar part as the metal icon. Let's have a moment to emphasize that it is here today have played with a semi-acoustic guitar. Whit Monday? According to Brother Dege is the 'Judgement Day'. The men from Louisiana impress in Raalte.

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