We wrapped up this tour
In Toul, France
After slamming through
The last set 
In what felt like a cavernous 
Airplane hangar
And then crashing out 
In a 200 year old French manor
After the show. 
Everybody did good,
Played well. 
Nobody died
Or had any meltdowns. 
Or freak outs. 
This is good. 
Each tour is like a little novella. 
It sits on your memory shelf
And stays there
Until you go back 
And pick it up again. 
And look at it. 
I like memories. 
And meeting people. 
And traveling. 
It's not easy. 
I talk to a lot of touring bands
On reputable indies
And most have the same issues 
As we do. 
"It's brutal out there."
Sometimes people show up. 
Sometimes they don't. 
Sometimes you make enough money
To live for a month when you 
Return home. 
Sometimes you don't. 
The process of simply 
Alerting people to the fact
That you are playing in their town,
Is a challenge of its own. 
The rule I've learned is:
If you aren't promoting 
The gig or a record yourself,
You are PAYING
Someone else to do it. 
That would include 
Your record label
If you have one.  
Case closed. 
But we were lucky
On this tour. 
It all worked out. 
It was a bit sketch, 
From the start. 
From borrowed cars
To hopping ferries 
To smuggling gear
To hitching rides in UK
With a dude we'd never met 
(Turned out to be Class A dude) 
To sending Greg out to Holland
(Separate from us) 
To wrangle gear & van 
To rendezvousing 
With the whole band in Paris
To wrangling Lucas (videographer)
To sleeping all kinds of wacky places. 
It was a good run. 
Like they all are in some way
(Good & bad),
But I'm mildly shocked 
Nothing went to shit on this one
Given all the lower-rent 
Moving parts that were in action. 
But once again,
it's about the journey. 
The experiences. 
I don't know how long 
It will last. 
But I remind myself everyday 
To just enjoy it
For what it is...
And not what I think 
It needs to be. 
Because that'll bum you out fast. 
So you just take it
For what it is. 
Push forward,
Explore the creativity,
And try to learn something new 
In the process. 
Much thanks to everyone 
Who came out 
And shot for the light 
With us. 
And much gratitude 
To my guys
For fighting the good fight. 

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