Crossing the Arizona desert 
With various bandmates on tour. 
TOP LEFT:  1996 / Santeria & Bubba Daddy.
Our van died 
In the middle of the desert
40 miles from the nearest exit,
We got stoned 
And shot the "band gun"
To kill time 
While waiting for the tow.
TOP RIGHT: 2003 / Santeria 
My last with the Santos brotherhood. 
So weird, crazy, & epic. 
From getting drunk in a Mexican whorehouse 
To detouring to the Roswell UFO museum. 
We made part of the drive 
At night
And somebody cued up 
"Maggot Brain" on the stereo,
Loved it.
Made that trip 
Even more epic
As we stopped 
To stargaze at the giant tarp
Of the night's stars. 
Miss those dudes a lot. 
BOTTOM LEFT: 2013 Brother Dege / Truckstop Darlin
Some of the best dudes ever. 
I had so much fun 
On that tour,
Which was fraught with trouble
(shit gigs, ripped pay 
no AC, & lots of van problems)
But I'd do it all again tomorrow,
Because those guys,
None of whom I'd ever met,
Had such great attitudes 
And were so fucking hilarious
Under those circumstances. 
It was so hot in that shuttle bus,
While crossing the desert,
That everyone stripped down
To their underwear
And plowed through,
Only getting dressed 
To grab a cold drink 
At gas stops,
Then stripping back down
To sweaty drawers
For the sweltering haul. 
Salute, guys. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: 2016 / The Brethren 
In 110 degree heat,
Middle of the AZ desert,
Touring in a 20 year old van
With no AC. 
Sweetest, most grinding dudes 
In the world
And still up for some adventure. 
Salute to the Arizona desert. 
The landscape is so brutal,
Merciless, and rugged.
It teaches you something new
Every time you cross it.

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