We wrapped up the summer tour
Last night in Tulsa, OK
With a weird-wacky sloppy set
Fueled by unsolicited shots
From the crowd.
Not the most triumphant way
To end it
But that's the way it goes.
I also got to meet some old buddies
From the Santeria days.
Good dudes.
We rolled out of Tulsa
This morning
And only got pulled over
TWICE.....by troopers
For being sweaty, long-haired,
dirtbag-looking dudes
Driving a 20 year old van
With a non-functioning
Rooftop brake light.
"I realize we look like dirtbags, officer.
But we're just musicians
Trying to get home," I told them
As I was escorted
To the rear of vehicle,
As both Kentay & Greg
Waited nervously inside van.
All good.
No tickets. No jails.
Just warnings.
"Do you give me permission
To search the vehicle?"
One officer asked.
Have at it.
But there's nothing in there,
"You're free to go."
Thanks, officers.
It was a beautiful, brutal,
And completely wacky tour
That we weren't sure would work out
(Longer drive times, old van,
No guarantees at some venues)
But like all things
It did.
Shit just goes the way it goes.
Thanks to the bands
We gigged with
And everyone
Who came out to the shows,
Fed us,
And/or gave us a place to stay.
You're the best.
And thanks to my dudes:
Greg, Kent, & Glom.
We're getting better, I think.
With each tour,
Growing, pushing,
Learning each others quirks,
And relying less
On the rural noise,
Even though that's still part of the deal.
It takes time to find it.
Not sure how many
Of these tours I have left in me,
But I still enjoy the journey
And learning new things.
But it doesn't get easier, homies!
It's still raw as fuck out there, past the state line
And into the unforgiving arms
Of the rest of the world.
But I encourage everyone to try it.
It'll teach you something.
Help keep live rock & roll music alive
By occasionally turning off the Netflix,
Video games, YouTube,
DVDs, sports channel,
And all the other convenient distractions
Of the modern world,
And just stepping out
Into the world.
It's not always such frightening place.
And try to support your
Area's alienation weirdo edgy creative types.
Better that they're creating something
Than hopping the walls
Of your gated compounds.
It all goes round.
32 domestic days out.
5800+ miles
Good to be back in the Deep Psyouth.
We lovevol you's.

*NEXT GIG: come hang with us at the Blue Moon Swamp Beach Party, Saturday, AUGUST 20.
Blue Moon Saloon.
Brother Dege & the Brethren
W/The Butchers.
Lafayette, LA

Photo: Sandie Ward.

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